20 Years of Experience

Rosseni is more than a company; it’s a passion in motion.
Our mission is to offer cutting-edge technical solutions, combined with Italian design, to transform the external cladding of a building into something unique and extraordinary.
We are a young but talented team that brings our clients’ visions to life, turning them into reality.

Design and installation, with attention to detail, are qualities increasingly demanded by clients, and Rosseni meets these needs by collaborating with the best companies in the industry on the market.

From the need to cover window openings without interrupting the facade cladding, we have developed a unique system that satisfies both requirements: vertical and horizontal bi-fold shutters. These two innovative solutions offer practicality and style while maintaining the impeccable aesthetics of the facade.

Rosseni embodies innovation and dedication. We are ready to make your project unique, a true architectural masterpiece capable of surprising everyone.

Mani di un uomo che tengono una squadra da disegno e una matita sopra ad un foglio con un progetto che sta ad indicare che Rosseni: è più di un’azienda: è una passione in movimento. Sono presenti nella foto una calcolatrice e dei fogli con dei progetti sopra.