We proudly promote the quality and Made in Italy design, taking our ideas and our brand of excellence beyond national borders. On this page, we present some of our cladding projects for laminam facades, featuring vertical and horizontal bi-fold shutters.

Our bi-fold shutters are designed with the aim of adding elegance and style to every building, combining the functionality of an innovative system that regulates natural light inside spaces, creating a comfortable environment to live in.

In addition to vertical and horizontal bi-fold shutters, we are also passionate about creating laminam facade claddings. Thanks to high-quality materials, these claddings provide buildings with a visually striking result while preserving their integrity over time.

Every new project is a new challenge for us, and our team of expert professionals works with creativity and dedication to ensure that every product that leaves our hands is of unsurpassed quality.

Browse our gallery and be enchanted by some of our most significant projects